5 Reasons Why Food Consciousness is Essential to Good Health

The Natural Health "Know-It-All"

We live in a culture where we eat what we want, however much we want and when we want. We rarely consider whether the foods we choose to eat are good for us. But the fact is that food is more than just fuel to our body, or a temporary fix for our emotions or a treat at the end of a day.

Food speaks to each one of us in different ways – it has the power to express culture, to bring joy, to celebrate, to facilitate community and sometimes more negatively, to hide pain, to ‘fix’ body image, or even to mask inner insecurities.

When we stop to consider how integral food is to our daily lives and how often it comes to our mind, one might consider why we don’t pay more attention to the ways in which food can contribute to and influence our health, emotional…

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